17 de out de 2011

My Outfit Lolita - Palying Cards Ás

Hello Babies *-*

I never showed for you, I like Lolita... So today, I posted my photo like Lolita *-*

It's only one photo, but for you see me like Lolita *o*


My Dress

I love Alice (Alice in the Wonderland), I made my dress with Playing Cards tissue *-*

Thank you for seeing^^
If you enjoyed, please comment^^
Bye Bye
See you tomorrow *-*

12 de out de 2011

My cosplay in Meganime

My Cosplay for Meganime was Naruko (Naruto Girl Version)

This year I and my friends did the Class "Lolita&Cosplay"

The class was beautiful *o*

And I was responsible for part of cosplay :D

So I made that cosplay for event *-*


Thank you
Bye Bye
Kissus, Kissus

(Obs¹: my makeup was done by the woman, who was teach to do goth makeup)
(Obs²: sorry, my english is bad... .-.)

1 de out de 2011

My cats *-*

Hello Babies *-*

Who are you today?

I am fine^^

Today I am posting for you my cats *-*

They are so kawaii *¬*

This is Dináh (like alice's cat) *-*
Dináh is so kawaii *-*
I adopted her from the aunt of my friend *-*

This cute boy is Berlioz (like the Aristocats) *-*
He's too whiny x.x
I usually call him "Berber" or the "blue eyes" *-*
The Berlioz was not very nice to Dinah when she got here...
But today he cares for her * o *

And this one, is the last, Itachi (yes, Naruto) ^ ^
It is a love, he is the son of my other cat, Itachi.
His father crossed with the cat on the block above, then I have adopted him and Berlioz xD
He's very paternal, I realized this when I brought home to Dinah ...
He adopted her and cared for her ... Take care until now xD

Well, those are my little children *-*
This is my blog in portuguese: http://lolitanekoneko.blogspot.com/
See you tomorrow! *¬*
Kissus, Kissus :)