17 de out de 2011

My Outfit Lolita - Palying Cards Ás

Hello Babies *-*

I never showed for you, I like Lolita... So today, I posted my photo like Lolita *-*

It's only one photo, but for you see me like Lolita *o*


My Dress

I love Alice (Alice in the Wonderland), I made my dress with Playing Cards tissue *-*

Thank you for seeing^^
If you enjoyed, please comment^^
Bye Bye
See you tomorrow *-*

12 de out de 2011

My cosplay in Meganime

My Cosplay for Meganime was Naruko (Naruto Girl Version)

This year I and my friends did the Class "Lolita&Cosplay"

The class was beautiful *o*

And I was responsible for part of cosplay :D

So I made that cosplay for event *-*


Thank you
Bye Bye
Kissus, Kissus

(Obs¹: my makeup was done by the woman, who was teach to do goth makeup)
(Obs²: sorry, my english is bad... .-.)

1 de out de 2011

My cats *-*

Hello Babies *-*

Who are you today?

I am fine^^

Today I am posting for you my cats *-*

They are so kawaii *¬*

This is Dináh (like alice's cat) *-*
Dináh is so kawaii *-*
I adopted her from the aunt of my friend *-*

This cute boy is Berlioz (like the Aristocats) *-*
He's too whiny x.x
I usually call him "Berber" or the "blue eyes" *-*
The Berlioz was not very nice to Dinah when she got here...
But today he cares for her * o *

And this one, is the last, Itachi (yes, Naruto) ^ ^
It is a love, he is the son of my other cat, Itachi.
His father crossed with the cat on the block above, then I have adopted him and Berlioz xD
He's very paternal, I realized this when I brought home to Dinah ...
He adopted her and cared for her ... Take care until now xD

Well, those are my little children *-*
This is my blog in portuguese: http://lolitanekoneko.blogspot.com/
See you tomorrow! *¬*
Kissus, Kissus :)

20 de set de 2011

Evangeline - Clothing Lolita

Hello *-*

How are you today?

I was with headache, but I am fine now *-*

I am buying two mangás every month... I just read the number one and number two *-*

It is so kawaii and very magic *-*

But Evangeline doesn't appear very much ):

I didn't say for you, but I am a Lolita *-*

So, I found this clothing of Evangeline:

So, I talked with my friend (she is my godmother lolita), and she said I can use like lolita...

Now I am looking tissues *-*

I am very happy *-*

See you tomorrow!
Kissus Kissus *--*

18 de set de 2011

Wig for cosplay of Asuna

Hello *-*

How are you today?

I am very, very, happy *o*

I found a perfect wig to make cosplay of Asuna *-*

The price is:
18,00 Brazilian Real
10,00 United States Dollar

I want to make these clothes:

Bye-Bye *-*
See you tomorrow *-*
Kissus, Kissus *o*

17 de set de 2011

My Miniature of Evangeline

Hello *-*

How are you today?

I am happy and fine *-*

So today I am going to show for you my miniature of Evangeline *-*
I bought it in the Anime Friends, this year...

I paid 20,00 (Brazilian Real). (11,00 in United States Dollar).

I love Evangeline, she is so kawaii, isn't she? *-*

I am thinking to buy Asuna, Negi, Nodoka, Setsuna, Yue and Konoka, for next year...

Bye-Bye ^^
See you tomorrow!
Kissus, Kissus *-*

16 de set de 2011

Cosplay Group

Hello *-*

How are you today?

Well, I am fine :)

So, how I said for you, I want to make Evangeline cosplay...... But I wanted a group...

I want a Negima cosplay group! Because is more funny *-*

I want to make it for Anime Friends in São Paulo for the next year...

So if you want to make the cosplay too, or you know someone who likes, please send for me your blog, or tumblr, or twitter, or Orkut, or facebook, or something for me to talk to you, Pleasee, help me *-*

(remember: this event is in Brazil in São Paulo capital)

Thank you,
See you, tomorrow ^^
Kissus, Kissus *-*

15 de set de 2011

Evangeline Cosplay - The Wig

Hello *-*

I don't know if you realized, but my favorite character in Negima is Evangeline *-*

So, I am thinking to make her cosplay... But I am going to need a wig, because my hair is shorter than her...

So I searched some sites about wig, and I found this:

I think this wig is perfect!
I only need to cut the fringe *-*

And the price is:
Brazilian Real - 26,00
United States Dollar - 15,00

I am going to try to request the wig for 2012, for Anime Friends *-*

I am so happy now *o*

Nice to meet you...

Hello :)
How are you today?

This is my new blog^^

I love many animes, but I started to read Negima! Magister Negi Magi and now I love Negima!

So I hope you like my blog (: