17 de set de 2011

My Miniature of Evangeline

Hello *-*

How are you today?

I am happy and fine *-*

So today I am going to show for you my miniature of Evangeline *-*
I bought it in the Anime Friends, this year...

I paid 20,00 (Brazilian Real). (11,00 in United States Dollar).

I love Evangeline, she is so kawaii, isn't she? *-*

I am thinking to buy Asuna, Negi, Nodoka, Setsuna, Yue and Konoka, for next year...

Bye-Bye ^^
See you tomorrow!
Kissus, Kissus *-*

2 comentários:

  1. Hello! I loved your blog, and I also love Magister Negi Magi!!! Is very funny!
    ASUNA Kagurazaka, I like her hair!!! *-*

    I also have a blog, but I'm Portuguese...
    see if you like it:


    Kiss Kiss ^.~

  2. Hello *-*
    Thank you *o*
    I loved you blog too!! *-*

    (OBS: I am Brazilian^^)